Retrain Your Appetite

The Buzzness : Retrain Your Appetite


Let them give thanks to the Lord for his love
    and for the miracles he does for people.
He satisfies the thirsty.
    He fills up the hungry.

Psalm 107:8-9 (ICB)

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different to diets I have tried?

Retraining your appetite is different because it seeks to work with your body's natural appetite, not against it, to achieve a healthy weight.

What is a healthy weight?

A healthy weight may vary from one individual to the next (see NHS Height-Weight Chart).

But the idea underpinning this programme is that a healthy weight starts with the food that you eat rather than the number on the scales! I believe that eating the foods encouraged on this programme will lead, in time, to most bodies finding their own healthy level.

However, as a former nurse I am aware that - contrary to popular belief - there are some medical conditions which can result in weight gain even if a healthy diet is followed. If you have concerns about your health please consult your GP.

Furthermore, if your body is not used to getting good nutrition you may experience initial weight gain on this program as your body rehydrates and stocks up on vital nutrients! It will take time for your body to trust that it is going to get a daily supply of nutritious food and to achieve a healthy equilibrium. I would therefore suggest that you may actually gain weight during the first month or so of retraining your appetite, so be prepared for this. Remember this is not a quick fix diet; this is a way of eating to promote your long-term health.

Isn't eating this way expensive?

Not necessarily. You might spend more on things like fruit and veg, but you will likely save money by not buying lots of meat and junk-food snacks.

Do I need to take supplements?

Personally I do like to take a daily vitamin and mineral supplement, as well as eating a healthy diet. If you choose to take a supplement I suggest obtaining these from a reputable source. My favourite are Boots A-Z, which are also very inexpensive to buy.

Please note if you are a woman who has ANY chance of getting pregnant you should be taking 400mcg of folic acid each day, to prevent birth defects such as spina bifida. Tablets can be obtained on prescription or bought extremely inexpensively, e.g. from Tesco. For further information please see NHS Choices.

Can I eat puddings?

Yes! Favourite in our house is Yeo Valley natural organic yogurt - full-fat, no additives, just a natural creamy sweetness from all those lovely live bacteria. If you prefer a flavoured yogurt just stir in a teaspoon of St Dalfour jam.

Fruit is also a good choice for pudding, as the natural acids it contains are less likely to attack your teeth at the end of a meal.

Can I carry amber food allocation over to next day?

No, where a per day max is given on amber foods this is intended as a healthy brake on consumption in any given day.

What about baking?

Cakes and desserts usually contain refined sugars and often unhealthy fats too, which should be avoided. However, if you really love baking you can find ways to make healthy cakes, desserts and biscuits! Have a look around and you will find that there are even cookbooks in which others who have already experimented with eating in this sort of way share their secrets.

What sort of snacks can I have?

You can snack on anything from the green and amber lists, have a look and see what takes your fancy. Here are 20 ideas to get you started:

  1. Homemade wholemeal scone (no sugar) with butter and St Dalfour jam.
  2. A Banana.
  3. Wholemeal toast with a scrape of Marmite.
  4. Berries with live organic yoghurt.
  5. A Satsuma or orange.
  6. Raisins and pecan nuts.
  7. A Pear.
  8. Rye toast served with cherry tomatoes.
  9. A few dates and brazil nuts.
  10. Bowl of tinned Apricots in Grape Juice.
  11. Houmous with Cucumber batons, Sugar-Snap Peas, Carrot sticks, & Peppers for dipping.
  12. An Apple.
  13. Sugar-free Flapjack/Oat Bar (Tip: Organix Goodies bars can be found on the baby-food aisle and are great to keep in your car glovebox!)
  14. Kiwi "lollipop" - just peel a kiwi fruit whole and insert a dessert fork in one end!
  15. Bowl of Porridge, served with blueberries.
  16. Two fresh apricots.
  17. Slice of melon.
  18. Spoonful of edible seeds, such as Sunflower, Sesame and Pumpkin.
  19. Bowl of Grapes.
  20. Salsa Dip, with fingers of wholemeal pitta bread.

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